Smart Eye and STMicroelectronics Bring Sensitive, Low-Cost Single-LED Driving Monitoring System

Smart Eye, the world’s leading artificial intelligence (AI) company capable of developing technologies to understand, support and predict human behavior in complex environments, and STMicroelectronics (ST for short), a world-leading semiconductor company serving multiple electronic applications Stock Exchange Code: STM) announced that the two parties have jointly developed a driver monitoring system (DMS) with a high-sensitivity single LED light source. The new DMS system integrates Smart Eye’s accumulated expertise in driving monitoring algorithms and optical system design with ST’s high-sensitivity automotive-grade global shutter image sensor VB56G4A, which can meet the system’s shooting illumination requirements with only one LED. The power consumption and system cost are reduced, while the existing driving monitoring systems on the market usually require two or more LED light sources to fully meet the driver’s lighting needs. This high-sensitivity DMS system was unveiled at the recent AutoSens and InCabin trade shows in Brussels.

Eric Aussedat, executive vice president and general manager of the Imaging Business Unit at STMicroelectronics, said: “The superior performance and high sensitivity of ST’s automotive-grade global shutter image sensors complement Smart Eye’s industry-proven driving monitoring algorithms. In developing a 2.6 On the way to a sensor with micron pixels, double the quantum efficiency of the previous generation, we have simplified DMS development, reduced power consumption, and reduced cost without sacrificing performance.”

Martin Krantz, CEO and founder of Smart Eye, said: “We have two decades of R&D experience in the automotive industry, winning nearly 100 projects from major automakers. By integrating our technology with ST’s advanced image sensors, expensive At least 50% less LED/lens usage. We have developed an excellent DMS demo product to show automakers how driving safety can be significantly improved while reducing car ownership costs. The design is smaller and more economical, but in performance There are no compromises. We are pleased to provide our partners and customers with hardware and software reference designs and to contribute our technical expertise in product integration.”

The high-sensitivity DMS system developed by Smart Eye and STMicroelectronics has been unveiled and demonstrated at the STMicroelectronics booth (#21) at AutoSens at the Autoworld Museum in Brussels, September 12-14, and at the September 15th Shown at the InCabin show.

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