Silicon Labs Releases Four Highlights to Help Works With 2022 Developers Conference

One of the biggest driving forces of the new era of the Internet of Things will be the Matter standard, which will provide a unified application layer to assemble multiple intelligent home ecosystems. Mr. Wang Luming, Vice President of Asia Pacific and Japan Business of Silicon Labs, made a popular analogy. He likened Matter to a translator. So far, there is a very important problem in the Internet of Things technology, which is that various technologies cannot communicate, virtually limiting the development of the Internet of Things. Take smart home as an example. You have an Amazon Alexa product and an Apple Homekit product in your home, but these devices cannot communicate with each other. The role of Matter is to unify these diverse ecosystems, so that there is something to say between devices. He said that this would help break the fragmentation of market applications.
There is no doubt that Matter will bring unprecedented changes to the industry. It builds cross platform communications on the top of Wi Fi, Thread and Bluetooth, covering all kinds of Internet of Things systems, from embedded device terminal products to mobile applications to cloud services, greatly reducing the complexity of links.
Silicon Labs contributes more than 20% of the code to the promotion of Matter, and provides a complete chip, software and tools that are widely compatible with Matter. The good news is that the landing of the material is in the countdown stage, and it can be put into use immediately. What new upgrades does Silicon Labs bring? Ross Sabolcik, Senior Vice President of the Industrial and Commercial Business Division of the Internet of Things at Silicon Labs, introduced that the new Matter hardware and software solutions provide a complete end-to-end Matter development suite for all ecosystems and wireless protocols.
The 2.4 GHz wireless MG24 SoC introduced this year is used as the core device of the platform. Official data shows that the chip can run Bluetooth and multi protocol, and supports Matter over Thread. The MG24 adopts the OpenThread protocol stack, and the indoor effective transmission distance can reach 200 meters. The chip also supports Bluetooth to realize the Bluetooth deployment of the new Matt device. When MG24 is used in combination with the ultra-low power consumption Silicon Labs RS9116 Wi Fi product, it will support the development of Matter over Wi Fi 4, which can easily transition to Silicon Labs’ Wi Fi 6 single-chip Matter SoC in 2023.
In terms of security, with Silicon Labs Secure Vault ™, All the Matter solutions of Silicon Labs can provide the industry with ideal Internet of Things security protection.
The Silicon Labs Unify SDK is a multi protocol software development platform for the Matter border router. The tools provided can bridge Matter to other Internet of Things platforms, including Zigbee and Z-Wave. The Silicon Labs Simplicity Studio and GSDK provide developers with a single development environment, which can easily add Matter functions to wireless devices and seamlessly connect these devices to the ecosystem they want to connect.
In addition, on Works With 2022, two specially set keynote speeches for Asia Pacific customers specifically addressed the topic of the new standard of Matter, which was attended by ecological partners Graffiti and Green Rice.

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