New optical transmission technology with data rate up to 1.2Tbps

Fujitsu has just introduced a new optical transmission technology developed by the company, which features a transmission rate of 1.2 Tbps – equivalent to six Blu ray discs (25 GB) per second. The report points out that this new technology is superior to traditional optical network solutions in almost all aspects. For example, the volume of LSI (DSP), which benefits from the latest semiconductor technology, is reduced by 1/3 compared with traditional air cooling equipment.
In addition, compared with traditional transmission systems, the power consumption per transmission capacity (Gbps) of the new technology is also reduced to 120mW, equivalent to a reduction of 70% of carbon dioxide emissions.
It is reported that with the popularity of 5G, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and big data, the demand for higher speed transmission technology is also rising.
Even though 5G has not caused enough sensation as expected, this does not prevent the industry from actively investing in the development of its successor, 6G technology.
It should be pointed out that, unlike the traditional optical transmission equipment that uses air cooling for heat dissipation, Fujitsu has selected a liquid cooling scheme for this new technology. supply Maestro Wireless Solutions products , please

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