Infineon expands the silicon carbide wafer supply camp and signs a supply agreement with Gaoyi Group

Infineon Technology Co., Ltd. (FSE code: IFX/OTCQX code: IFNNY) and Gaoyi Group (NASDAQ code: IIVI) signed a multi-year silicon carbide (SiC) wafer supply agreement. This semiconductor manufacturer, headquartered in Germany, aims to further expand the supply channel of silicon carbide, a strategic semiconductor material, and meet the strong growth of customer demand in this field. The agreement will also support Infineon’s multi-source procurement strategy and improve the company’s supply chain flexibility. At present, the first batch of goods has been delivered.
Silicon carbide is a compound of silicon and carbon, which can be used to manufacture particularly efficient and solid power semiconductors, and reduce the overall cost. Infineon CoolSiC ™ The brand is already the largest industrial power semiconductor application product portfolio in the industry. Infineon predicts that in the early 1920s, the company’s silicon carbide semiconductor sales will grow at a compound annual growth rate of more than 60%, and will reach about $1 billion by the middle of the 1920s.

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